Professional family photographer from Salt Studio – telling the enchanting stories of your family with authentic shots!

Family professional photography is one of the most interesting and emotional types of photography. Family is a major asset in our life. We want to give you the joy of communicating with each other, while capturing the spontaneity of this wonderful moment and getting that perfect shot at the right split second of time. This is a unique opportunity to preserve touching and emotional moments from the life of your loved ones in beautiful photos taken by professional photographers from our studio. After so many years have passed, you will watch the photo album together with your children and grandchildren and warmly remember all the wonderful things that happened to you many years ago.


A relaxed and casual atmosphere during shooting will give your family photography sincere and natural emotion. To achieve this, it is very important to establish contact with the photographer, listen to his or her recommendations and exchange ideas. This would enable to work out a plan for a unique shooting. Our professional photographers know the most beautiful places in the UAE where you can get delightful family photos. We are always ready and glad to hold a photo session for you in such cities as:

  • Dubai;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Sharjah.

Professional family photography – our best terms for regular customers

We love our customers very much and we have a custom-tailored approach to each of them. We have become close friends with many of our customers and we live the most important events in their lives together. We are very proud of having many regular customers. After a wedding photo shoot, some couples turn to us again and again for a shooting of their family events. We are invited to make wonderful photos on children's birthdays, jubilees of senior relatives, thematic photosets and various family celebrations.


We have developed family photo packages specially for the above events. They include the following services:

  • Several photo sessions of the most important family events and celebrations during the year;
  • Production of an album – a handmade chronicle that contains the best pictures from all the events of a particular year.

You would agree that this is a unique opportunity to preserve your most precious and brightest memories in best family photo albums!


Tips for a unique photoset from a family photographer

Preparation for a family photo shoot is a very important process, which you can’t do without the help of our professional photographer. Together with your family, we’ll discuss the props for the upcoming photo shoot, determine the best locations for shooting, and select images and dresses for all the participants. There is always not enough time for photography because you want to have time to realize everything you have conceived. That’s why it's very necessary and proper to prepare well and take into account the most important details.


Below are some tips from our professional photographers, which would help you get a truly beautiful and creative family photography:

  • Clothes for the whole family, which are in the same style or color, look unbelievably stylish and beautiful –  a single family look.
  • Your children’s favorite toys, unusual accessories, and bright interior details would create a suitable entourage for original photos.
  • Family photography near me in the most beautiful locations in the United Arab Emirates – taken on the street, in a park or on the beach – would always look bright, natural and unpredictable.
  • If you have a small kid, we can take the photos at your home so that the child would feel confortable and relaxed.
  • The best shots with natural emotions and authentic moments are obtained during fun games, communication and interaction between all the family members.
  • Be yourself, do not play to the camera, direct all your tenderness and love towards each other!

The brightest and most heart-warming family photography near me in the UAE

Our photographer will ensure that your family photo is taken in an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Just bring along with you an excellent mood, and we will take good care of every other thing. We have the latest photo equipment in the market and this enables us to work in any conditions and under any lighting environment.


We make both reportage photography of family that tells about the life and hobbies of your relatives, as well as expressive portrait photographs, revealing the depth of your emotions. With our team, family photography is nothing but a fascinating adventure that would result into:

  • Exclusive handmade photo albums with the brightest and most original pictures;
  • Professional color and toned photo correction;
  • Retouching of the best photos from your photo session;
  • Your photos will be saved in a USB storage device;
  • You will have confidential access to your information, which is closed from outsiders, and a personal page on our website.

Order for the most cherished and heart-warming family photos from our studio and tell your love story to your closest people!


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