Photo tour, day 2: Burj Khalifa, old city Bastakia, Dubai Downtown

What are we planning to do

1.30-2.30 Bastakiya deira

3.00-4.00 Burj Khalifa, souq al Bahar, palace

4.30-5.30 city walk or Meydan bridge

Bastakia Quarter in Dubai Downtown

We will start our tour by visiting a historical Bastakia Quarter, which has a very romantic history of being an area where people lived by mining pearls. Previously almost abandoned, this historically restored quarter has many impressive venues that are definitely worthy of visiting while in Dubai.


Here you can lay your eyes on beautiful historical architecture. For true culture and art cornevours the Dubai Museum and the Majlis Gallery is just to name a few. There are wonderful cafes and shops to visit or just stroll through the city, sinking into the the unique atmosphere. This is a very picturesque location, perfect as a romantic dip into the past  background for your photo shoot.


The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world in all human history, is a place that everyone should stand next to once in their life. This magnificent 163 story building seems to not have an end, piercing the clouds with its needle. The amazing thing is that this building was designed as a city within a city, it is completely self sustaining, not needing to rely on external utilities. It’s height, the modern design and knew technologies used to build this amazing structure give it a rightful place in the World book of Records. It is impossible to put into words the views from the observatory and higher floors.


You can visit the fabulous restaurant Atmosphere. See the most expensive apartments in the world. Or, while standing on the highest observation deck in the world you can see the world around you for hundreds of miles, and understand how small we are. And the view is to die for. During the day or at sunset we can take amazing photos with the background of gorgeous, bustling with life, Dubai . Some on the world’s most famous and amazing shots were taken here.

Downtown or City Walk?

To finish off our day we suggest visiting one of the exquisite places for a photo session. Cross the Dubai Creek on an abra for a romantic historical view of the city. Visit the Bur Dubai Village filled with artisan historical architecture too really sink in the history and culture of the Arab world. We can visit the Meydan bridge that leads to the horse track( if its open) which is a spectacular creation filled with Neon blue lighting. Take a stroll through the Creekside Park to see a real cactus garden . And you definitely won’t want to miss out on seeing the Dubai Fountains for a spectacular lit water show that plays to music. Even if you have seen hundreds of fountains this is quite a breathtaking sight and it’s FREE



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