Stunning jewelry photography with model: yellow diamonds, sapphires, emeralds & rubies

Creating a special photoshoot with custom made jewellery and unique designs is always a challenge for any photographer. Ability to show an inner sparkle of the precious stones is valued more, than a big name - your work has to speak for itself. 


This photoshoot was created for one of the premium jewellery companies in Dubai: they are known for unimaginable marvelous stone quality and specific designs that only true royals at heart can wear. 


Jewellery photoshoot in Dubai: luxurious model photography experience for your unique designs

When doing jewellery photography with a model, you must pay a lot of attention at the client’s request. Choosing the right model should be an absolute priority, as it has to:

  • represent brand philosophy
  • send a clear message
  • be directed to the potential buyers
  • showcasing the perfect “focus person”
  • attract aesthetically 


This photoshoot was guided by the stunning sparkle of the diamonds (both, white & yellow), blue sapphires, dark green emeralds and alexandrites and bordeaux rubies. Jewellery photoshoot was performed in Dubai showroom & office building.


Salt Studio Photographers are mobile and able to shoot in-studio and on-location, providing all the necessary equipment, as well as backgrounds, light, etc. 


White background for the jewellery photoshoot with the model is bringing a premium vibe to the pictures, transmitting confidence and power.


Model & photographer connection: is it important for the success of your premium jewellery photoshoot?

When working together it is very important to remember that “teamwork makes dreams work”! 


For the model, as well as for the photographer, it is important to always be on time: to come earlier to the photoshoot, being able to have a chat with the client and find out what their wishes are and what message they want to send across. 


By looking at or trying on the premium jewellery pieces you will become inspired by the beauty of the precious gemstones.  It will help to relax and get familiar with the atmosphere on the set.


We are always expecting our models to arrive minimum 30 min before the shooting will start - it’s always better to start earlier and finish faster than to lose precious time in adjusting. 


Salt Studio Dubai is providing wide range of services for premium level of jewellery photography in-studio and on-location for companies in Dubai:

  • white/black background (softbox shooting) 
  • creative backgrounds
  • accessories for the shooting (textures, materials, etc.)
  • shooting with the model (hand retouch in Photoshop)


Send us a message to find out all about premium jewellery photoshoot packages and special offers. Booking your photoshoot with Salt Studio Dubai is a great way to display your collection to the world and make a bold statement!


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