Rainbow of precious stones from one of the leading jewellery companies in Dubai turned into a colorful collection of tasteful images. Royal feeling of the gems was perfectly transmitted through professional photography of the specialist of Salt Studio Dubai.


Stunning work our head photographer Olga Leonova and a highly professional retouch specialist of our company created an absolutely mesmerizing display of the intricate details of the gemstones.

Magnificent jewellery with professional retouch creates magic for your brand!

Flawless jewellery photography will be created by taking high quality shots by professional cameras and then getting the details to the perfection by hand retouch.

In this particular shoot you can see a wide variety of gemstones, such as:


  • Blue topazes
  • Mallow amethysts
  • Tea green peridots
  • Orange citrines

and many more. Such vivid colors deserve the best graphical representations, that is why Salt Studio is always advising on shooting and displaying them on faded backgrounds.

This type of background will benefit the jewellery and stone in particular, allowing them to shine bright and show all their marvelous qualities.

Royal jewels representation by professional photography in the United Arab Emirates

For several years now Salt Studio Dubai is creating impeccable images for your business. Process begins by interviewing our customers to find out every detail about the future photoshoot and provide the best solution price wise.


After the photoshoot is done, we carefully check every photo and create a shortlist for a retouch. This is an online gallery, protected by password, where the customer can see all the best options for a retouch.


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